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Mother Nature Powered Skincare!
Bring your skin back to the way Mother Nature Intended

We believe in the principle that simplicity is as Mother Nature intended it to be. Our body care products are loaded with therapeutic plant based oils and butters, medicinal herbs, and healing botanical essences that work together with Mother Nature to leave skin feeling soft, supple and healthy.
                • Aloe Vera Based
                • No Soy
                • No Dyes
                • No Fragrance
                • No Petrochemical Ingredients
                • No Animal Testing
Find out what makes our skincare so special and why we are gaining a reputation with oncologists and clients as the "go to" line to soothe, balance and relieve dry, itchy and irritated skin.


"Kimberly Luker has done something wonderful for women with breast cancer and women that care about them.  She has created a line of skin care botanicals that are natural and safe.  A portion of the sale price goes to breast cancer research and support."
John S. Link, MD

"I am so glad to have a product that works for our patients with breast cancer receiving Taxane therapy. This product works and we receive great feedback.  Keep up your wonderful work!"
Linda Cannon, RN, OCN and Breast Cancer Survivor